Dedicated expertise for L&D and OD

Given the depth and breadth of insight and knowledge in the fields of L&D and OD we are able to offer consultancy services in both these areas.

Our consultants have operated at all levels through to and including board level within corporate organisations and so bring extensive knowledge of L&D and OD theory as well as many years of experience successfully bringing L&D and OD to life in organisations.

Typical projects include:

  • Establishing new L&D and/or OD function
  • Reviewing and improving the impact of an L&D and/or OD function within an organisation
  • Developing an L&D and/or OD agenda within an organisation
  • Reviewing current development offer in an organisation and aligning to the business strategy and priorities
  • Developing specialist development offers for key populations within an organisation, for example Senior Exec Development

These services can be arranged on a day by day basis or over a longer period of time depending on the support that is needed.



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