Accelerated Coaching Programme

Our learning is rapid and deeper allowing leaders to get back to leading

Many senior leaders are ‘time poor’, our individual Accelerated Coaching Programme (ACP) has the same impact as a more traditional 6 sessions over 6 months coaching programme in a significantly shorter time.

The way we work means that the learning is rapid and deeper allowing leaders to get back to leading.

The programme is made up of a two-hour session with your coach where you will get to the heart of your learning outcome, followed by an intensive, unique 1-day session working with the coaching team including our equine coaches, followed by another 2-hour session in which you will reflect and transfer the learning directly to your leadership system.

“Having been on a number of leadership courses over the years, this one really jumped out at me as a result of the uniqueness of its offering. Now having completed the course, I can genuinely say it lived up to my expectations and I came away with a number of new techniques to use back in the office as well as new found confidence in my own ability. Sarah and Charlotte are incredible coaches and their styles complement each other very well indeed. Having both of them dedicated to your own challenges for the entirety of the programme is a fantastic resource to be able to draw upon. They were very quickly able to understand my challenges whilst also identifying the pace at which I like to work. The use of the horses is very unusual and at times I didn’t immediately see the link between the exercise and the development area being worked on, but as an overall set of exercises it came together at the end. I would highly recommend this course to anyone based on its uniqueness and ability to address your development areas in different ways. Above all though the selling point for the course is Sarah and Charlotte who are superb coaches and have inspired me to be the best I can be”. – Stuart Mills, Sales Director, Perrigo

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