Equine Assisted Development – Great Leaders know that the root of success is in communication and relationships


Working with the horses allows us to really understand a perspective about ourselves that is completely different to our own. By learning how to build rapport and gain the trust of a completely different species, leaders learn how to build human to human relationships, develop communication beyond words and handle the human-to-human confrontations or mis-communications that we all come across in our working lives.

How does working with horses relate to leadership?

  • Things change moment by moment
  • The need to understand a situation and adapt
  • Communication is much more than words
  • How to build trust
  • Being brave, stepping out of your comfort zone, experiencing the new and un explored
  • The power of alignment and team work
  • The ability to remain congruent in multiple situations

What horses offer us during the work:

  • Immediate, unfiltered feedback
  • Immediate measure of our impact on others
  • Insight into how we communicate through our energy and body language
  • The experience of followership by choice
  • The feeling of pure connection
  • The power of trust and relationship on outcomes


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