Team Development

Maximizing Team Performance through combined Behavioural Excellence


Based on our shared experiences within LeadEQ we have been able to create our LeadEQ

 ‘Team Excellence’ model. The three key elements of which are Safety, Comfort and Play.

Safety encompasses Trust, Vulnerability and Relationships

Comfort encompasses Diversity, Stretch and Boundaries

Play encompasses Performance, Experimentation and Membership

By using the Safety, Comfort and Play model we have designed a TEAM EXCELLENCE programme. An initial team diagnostic will visibly show what areas need addressing for a specific team. Topics that will have the greatest impact from a leader and individual contributor perspective will be explored within the programme.

What makes this programme unique is the blend of sporting and business team experiences and that some of the content elements will be specific to each client based on the results of the team diagnostic.

TEAM EXCELLENCE is aimed at Project Teams, Departmental/Operational teams, and Leaders who want to learn how to apply the model themselves with their team.

Our proven delivery model of 70/30 where 70% is delivered virtually and 30% is face to face has proven a hit with our clients and provides flexibility for hybrid teams. From the latest data it is clear that hybrid teams will continue in some shape or form for some time. For TEAM EXCELLENCE the 30% consists of a face-to-face experiential event based at our Cotswold location or a location of choice. 

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