Behavioural Excellence Masterclasses


Behavioural Excellence Injection – 180 minutes of learning split into two 90 minute virtual interactive, facilitated sessions with live research in between.


Building Culture without Walls 

With more and more people working remotely or flexibly any organisation will need to build virtual mobile cultures that deliver on strategic objectives. Agile ways to keep employees connected, informed and collaborative.


Visible leadership  

Visible leadership is more than just being seen, it is a commitment to lead a culture that has complete transparency between leaders and their colleagues, stakeholders, and customers/clients. In this masterclass we will explore ways to increase leadership and colleague dialogue and develop a more transparent culture.


Leader as coach

Leaders who use coaching as a regular ‘style’ will benefit from a more engaged and productive team. This masterclass will enable you to develop a mindset shift from managing workload to coaching team members through questioning, being non-judgemental and utilising supportive behaviours.


Behavioural Excellence Infusion – learning split into multiple sessions virtual interactive, facilitated sessions or hybrid virtual and face to face.

The SLII Experience®

Blanchards SLII® empowers leaders to become adaptive – a requirement for our uncertain times. The SLII Experience™ develops leaders to lead situationally by giving their people the right support or direction at the right time. SLII® enables leader to build deeper relationships with their company, colleagues, and team.