Behavioural Excellence Masterclasses


Behavioural Excellence Injection – 180 minutes of learning split into two 90 minute virtual interactive, facilitated sessions with live research in between.

Building Self Trust Resourcefulness and Resilience

Our most important relationship is with ourselves. Knowing our own values and what gives us our self-worth is one step to building trust in ourselves. Challenging constraints that limit our experience, being more resilient in the face of obstacles or criticism will positively impact our confidence which will build self-trust. This masterclass focuses on your self-awareness and provides options for building trust in yourself.

Managing Uncertainty and Change

Being able to navigate change, manage uncertainty and lead others through it is something every leader needs to able to do. In our Managing uncertainty and Change masterclass we focus on leaders ensuring their team/s come with them through change/uncertainty. We work though effective transition frameworks which help make sense of complex change situations and use practical case studies to bring this to life.

Building trust in virtual and hybrid teams

Trust is critical for any successful team and will lead to better productivity, engagement and motivation for the leader and their teams. This masterclass breaks down the essential elements of trust into practical ideas that can be applied quickly to any team to improve its overall effectiveness.

Behavioural Excellence Infusion – learning split into multiple sessions virtual interactive, facilitated sessions or hybrid virtual and face to face.

The Thrive Programme®

The Thrive Programme® is a unique, structured development programme that gives people the self-insight and psychological intelligence needed to build great mental health and unlock their full potential. It does this by teaching people how to optimise their own emotional and cognitive skills (in just 6 weeks) to the point where they learn to become not only resilient, but actively engaged in living a lifestyle where they create minimal stress and anxiety and positively flourish.