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The Intelligent Leader Programme

Designed to accelerate the performance of leaders it explores the Intelligent Leader model in depth.  It focuses on developing long-lasting, high impact behavioural excellence, and emotional intelligence.

The Intelligent Leader Programme © is unique to LeadEQ. Using the Intelligent Leader model as the guide and spanning 4 modules it focuses on developing long lasting, high impact behavioural excellence and emotional intelligence.

Participants explore three key elements:

Trust – the ability to give and engender trust in self and others

Connection & Engagement – the ability to inspire, create commitment and motivate others to action

Followership – the ability to enable others to choose to follow


  • 3 Modules – Each module has an exploration week combining input, insight and practical real time experience.
  • 90-minute facilitator led interactive input sessions exploring each module subject in depth. 
  • Carefully selected articles or video which relate to the subject area.
  • Delegate led interactive sessions exploring an article or video from the pre reading. 
  • Delegate observational research during real time activities and interactions. 
  • Combination of personal reflection time and group reflection discussions. 
  • End of module exploration personal learning integration plan 
  • Intelligent Leader Questionnaire debrief for each module.
  • 1:1 coaching to support and create new thinking for the duration of the Personal Development Journey
  • Digital journal to actively engage in the development process and document learning
Lead eq


  • Taking delegates out of the workplace and into an environment of self-discovery and growth
  • 3 days to immerse themselves into new ways of thinking and self-insight
  • Working with the horses to really understand a perspective about ourselves that is completely different to our own. Build rapport and gain the trust of a completely different species.  Leaders learn in a unique way how to build human to human relationships, develop communication beyond words and learn how to live trust, connection and engagement culminating in followership.
  • Develop a plan both personally and as a group to integrate this developmental journey into a blueprint for the future

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Success Review

  • Reconnect – Facilitators and delegates update on progress
  • Success stories – Overview of the full programme. What’s worked in real working life
  • What’s next – Expectations and goals for the future

This programme is for: Leaders who want to maximise their own performance, Leaders who wish to develop or enhance their Emotional
Intelligence and C-suite leaders of the future.

 How Intelligent Leader has been described:

‘Fantastic development programme – in reality the best I have ever experienced’

‘In a nutshell, an incredible programme’

‘Hugely powerful experience but you won’t get it until you’ve done it!’

‘Relevant, powerful, fun..the start of a journey’

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