Our Story

Sarah and Charlotte bring together a unique set of skills and vast experience in the field of horsemanship and leadership development. Sarah’s background in corporate life combined with Charlotte’s outstanding career in horsemanship provide the perfect foundation for the development experienced by their clients. Their depth of knowledge and experience both in their relevant fields of expertise and also in their unrivalled partnership enables them to offer their clients unique and totally tailored development programmes comfortable in the knowledge that they are working with experts in this field.

We are experts in leadership development and horsemanship. Through decades of experience we have worked with (and in) corporate environments to support leaders in their ambitions for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Taking some time out, in an environment that isn’t your norm, forces you to explore different techniques and focus on you as an individual. Slowing your natural pace will contribute to your ability to see things from a different perspective and in turn solve many of the issues you are facing. Often by taking a moment to slow down, it enables us to go faster.