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Develop your own brand of Behavioural Excellence for success


Performance Coaching is a powerful way to elicit significant change and develop Behavioural Excellence in Leaders.

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Our highly experienced and qualified coaches can help you change the assumptions and beliefs that currently drive habitulised responses when under pressure, and offers the possibility of real sustained change.  Our backgrounds in professional sport and operating at board level in the corporate environment increases the coaching offer we can provide.  We are able to share our learning from professional sport through a unique experience in high performing teams and individual performance to help others be at their very best.

Perspective transformation:

  • Psychological – changes in understanding of self
  • Convictional – revision of our belief systems
  • Behavioural – noticing patterns
  • Purposeful – knowing and aligning purpose and goals

We discover that “our way of seeing the world” ie: our assumptions and beliefs drives our reaction to things, events and people around us. We can embrace the power of the mind to re-create our own reality.

Having a first-hand experience of competing within a number of high performing teams in professional sport as a player, as coaches and mentors gives us an opportunity to share these experiences of performing to an elite level whilst under extreme pressures.

Knowing how to be the best team member and to push yourself to the levels beyond expectation just to keep your shirt and place in the team on a daily basis, while still developing and getting the best from all the teammates around you, even when they are trying to take your place in the side. Understanding that healthy competition can be very positive and keep us all pushing each other to maintain the highest levels of performance for longer.

Handling both the good and bad judgements of thousands of people, fans, the press, team mates, management team and the board of directors. Turning some negatives into positives and learning how to filter the external criticism and judgements in a proactive way to make us even stronger and more resilient

Dealing with change on a regular basis, players changing in the team, being thrown in at the deep end and expected to perform, getting dropped and having to deal with the disappointment and still be ready to perform, getting injured and then seeing others performing well without you, not playing and still staying positive. Transitioning into a new environment and team or out of the professional game altogether as a player. Losing your identity and the career you have only ever known overnight.

Understanding how to look after your health and mental wellbeing to be at your best in a competitive fast paced environment

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