Performance Coaching

Coaching can be a powerful way to move leaders forward

Aligned to the individual and business need, coaching can be a powerful way to move leaders forward.

Over a series of coaching sessions, we are able to work with each coachee to identify their challenge and then help them to take actions to lift their performance to a whole new level.

We recommend personal performance coaching for:

  • Confidence building: enabling clients to trust their ability, capability, and judgement and the belief they can achieve their work objectives.
  • Personal development: improving awareness and identity, developing talents and potential.
  • Goal setting: facilitating the process of identifying what needs to be accomplished and establish measurable goals, timeframes and accountability. 
  • Change management: facilitate individuals and teams to coordinate a structured period of transition in order to achieve lasting change within an organisation. 
  • Leadership: enable clients to create an inspiring vision for themselves and those they lead and motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision.

Using a range of tools and techniques from the well-known through to the leading edge, we work with individuals on a unique and personal basis to unlock their potential. 

This coaching has come along at a time for me when I have recently moved up into a Managing Director role and need to work as part of a board of directors that is faced with new challenges brought on by rapid growth, on a scale not previously faced together. Not knowing exactly what to expect at the outset, I felt immediately at ease with Charlotte’s warm style and effective approach. I found the coaching provided to be incredibly engaging and it’s provided me with an immense sense of perspective and tools to navigate circumstances that would previously have been more difficult. I’m also really grateful for the level of commitment and focus I received.

Adam Rolfe, Managing Director – Aquatics, Ebsford Environmental

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