Claudette Rushworth – HRD Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

‘Following the divesture from our US parent company in June 2020, we set about creating and establishing our own company-wide values that would set the tone for the culture of our business and enable us to successfully achieve our mission.  To gain buy-in, we invited employees to participate in the process.  We also set about involving LeadEQ on this journey as they would be seen as independent and would create an environment where our employees were able to be honest about what Rosemont was truly good at and where we needed to improve.  Going through a process of employee surveys and employee workshops, our employees quickly decided what the values should be…..Quality, Innovation, Dynamism, Inclusion, and Integrity.  All values have been sponsored by our Executive Leaders and are now embedded throughout our organisation in competency frameworks, recruitment practices, policies, and a host more.  They are clear, concise, and memorable and we believe these are easily connectable to our employee’s personal values.  The project was also completed in a matter of a couple of months, and this would not have been possible without the support of LeadEQ’.


LeadEQ perspective

We are delighted to be partnering with Rosemont on their journey. After the initial creation of the 5 values mentioned by Claudette we then developed a Behavioural Excellence framework for all levels from Business Leader through to Individual contributor. Facilitated events have been run for the management teams to ensure full understating of the framework and it’s uses. The framework has been connected to all the ‘people processes’ from recruitment, through to talent development. The effect on the annual engagement survey will be used as one measure of success for this initiative.

We are now in the process of providing development to support the agreed values and behaviours. A bespoke development programme is in place for 2022/2023 which includes all levels from Business Leaders through to Individual Contributors.