Silver Cloud HR



This founder led, entrepreneurial business has grown exponentially in recent years, doubling its workforce, and expanding globally.


In Autumn 2022, Helen Armstrong, Founder and CEO, and Elly Tzouvanni, HRD, invited us to work with the Silver Cloud Leadership Team and Senior Managers. The purpose of our time was to support both the leadership team and Management team to confidently embrace the challenges of leading a rapidly growing business in line with a passion to protect and nurture the culture, and values of the business.


We focused the Leadership team development on honing the skills, and confidence to lead the growth of the business, to inspire, and lead through others, and to balance strategic, and tactical responsibilities.


The Management Team development was aimed at developing the people-oriented skills to successfully manage the delivery of the business plans through their teams.


Designed purely for Silver Cloud HR, with a mixture of virtual, face to face and experiential delivery the programme spanned 6 months and provided the teams with invaluable insights and takeaways to apply to their roles going forward.


“As a quickly growing consultancy, we were committed to investing in our leadership and management teams to ensure we were ready for the future.  Lead EQ have proven to be the perfect partner to support us with this.  Sarah and Charlotte really took the time to understand our business before creating a specific package for us and worked in a truly agile way to accommodate business changes and current challenges along the way.  In addition to developing my team, the feedback that I have gained through these sessions has been invaluable and we are planning lots of positive changes as a result.” (Helen Armstrong, CEO).


Some of the comments received from the participants included:


“It was really great. The concept of allowing each and every one of us to share ideas and personal view on the different topics added value to the theories provided.”


“There was clarity in the facilitator training style and Sarah was able to engage everyone effectively in the training so that ideas and knowledge can be shared.”


”I’ve been using the training to reflect on myself and trying to figure out new ways to understand how to perform better at my job. Topics such as emotional intelligence and values to key relationship are now tools that I can use to adapt in my daily routine”


”It has been an opportunity to reflect on my role and purpose, time to understand our own strengths and weaknesses, what do we need today and what do we need in the future, what kind of leadership team do we want to be, a great opportunity just to be together”.




‘’We are so pleased to see the difference the learning is making on our teams. The feedback from the teams speaks for itself. The learning offering was carefully designed for Silver Cloud with all our needs and requirements in mind and we now have a strong foundation to build on.  Lead EQ gave us direction, guidance and the flexibility we needed. It felt like a very personal experience and we look forward to embedding it further and enhancing our people experience’’. Elly