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Performance Coaching






Systemic Constellation Mapping

Performance Coaching is a powerful way to elicit significant change and develop behavioural excellence in leaders.

Our highly experienced and qualified coaches can help you change the assumptions and beliefs that currently drive habitualized responses when under pressure, and offers the possibility of real sustained change.

Our backgrounds in professional sport and operating at board level in the corporate environment increases the coaching offer we can provide. We are able to share our learnings from professional sport through a unique experience in high performing teams and individual performance to help others be at their very best.


Systemic Constellation Mapping is a methodology which is extremely useful when looking at patterns of ‘stuck’ behaviour. Using representations of the main components of the dilemma or question, Coachees are able to view the issue from many different angles. This reveals previously hidden information and entanglements which in turn can free up movement for something new to emerge. We are able to use this methodology in person using 3D objects and also virtually using shapes.

Participants are guided through 3 key elements


  • Elite performance
  • High performing teams and individuals
  • Control the controllable
  • Confidence
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and barriers
  • Dealing positively with change on a regular basis
  • Striving for one step better
  • Understanding and dealing with transition
  • Handling both good and bad judgements
  • Self awareness and the impact we have on others
  • Understanding how to look after your health and wellbeing


  • 4 x  1 to 1 sessions via zoom or teams 
  • Mix of face to face and virtual 1 to 1 sessions
  • Personal diagnostic reports
  • Individual top up sessions
  • Whole team group sessions
Although initially I was sceptical about coaching I would now have no hesitation recommending these sessions to anyone, with the pace of modern day life it is important to take time to evaluate and not become stuck in a rut
Greatly improved my self-confidence and also self-reliance
I now have more job satisfaction then ever before!
I am now able to take greater responsibility and accountability for my actions and commitments
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