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Team Development

Based on our shared experiences within LeadEQ we have been able to create our T-Ex® model which looks at creating team excellence.

The three key elements of which are Safety, Comfort and Play.

Safety encompasses Trust, Vulnerability and Relationships.

Comfort encompasses Diversity, Stretch and Boundaries.

Play encompasses Performance, Experimentation and Membership.

By using the T-Ex® model we have designed a variety of programmes to reflect the needs of different teams e.g. whole teams. Our initial team diagnostic will visibly show improvement areas for the team, who will experience T-Ex® in a face to face ‘match’ day.

What makes these programmes unique is the blend of sporting and business experiences used to create  T-Ex®.

Participants Explore
3 key elements of the T-Ex model



  • Team diagnostic
  • Contracting
  • Team priorities/objectives
  • 3 Virtual sessions exploring Safety, Comfort and Play

Match Day

  • Team diagnostic review
  • Face to face experiential activities exploring the ‘model’  in greater depth
  • Action planning

The diagnostic really focused the team on what was working and what wasn't
Loved the experiential activities, really brought the model to life
The team are now more able to be honest with each other and share their ideas and views
I didn't find it easy to speak up before but now I can thanks to the whole team being more inclusive
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