Experiential Learning that Accelerates Intelligent Leadership

Experiential Learning that Accelerates Intelligent Leadership

Our intention is to enable you to gain a deeper insight into the opportunities to develop your leadership and increase your impact in your organisation. We will work with you to understand your goals and challenges on both a personal and organisational level and to unlock what is needed within your organisational context.

We do this by underpinning our work with our LeadEQ Intelligent Leadership Model which has been built over years of working as, and with leaders. We are not alone in our beliefs, there are many books, articles and research which supports the essence of our philosophy, however, our approach to allowing leaders a personal insight into what it means for them is unique.


Trust has been identified as an essential ingredient to individual and organisation performance shifting the belief that trust is a ‘soft’ factor to one recognised as a ‘hard-edged economic driver’. In his article The Business Case for Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey talks about how trust affects two measurable business outcomes – speed and cost, when trust increases, speed goes up and cost goes down. A ten-year long study also showed that people in high trust companies have 106% more energy at work, experience 74% less stress, have 50% higher productivity and 76% more engagement.

Connection & Engagement

Once trust has been established, we can begin to build our Connection & Engagement with others through our communication. As the world changes and organisations become less structured, less hierarchical and more global, the ability to connect with a diverse workforce whether generationally or geographically is essential. But is the way you connect that makes the greatest difference. As humans we rely heavily on our words to convey our message, but this is just a tiny percentage of our ‘communication’. As Gary Burnison said, “For a leader, communication is connection and inspiration – not just transmission of information…Verbally and non-verbally, the way in which you communicate – humbly, passionately, confidently – has more impact than the words you choose” (The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership, 2012)


Finally, the ultimate goal – followership. There are no leaders without followers, and creating followership is not about position it is about creating a choice for others to follow you. Powerful followership is established when others choose to follow you, it is the one leader in your career that should they ask you to you would unquestionably follow them from business to business. It is the discretionary effort that others put into something because they want it as much as you. It is the commitment to you that is unwavering in good times and bad.

Equine Assisted Development

Horses are prey animals they are continually assessing their environment; they are masters of trust, connection, engagement and followership.

Working with horses offers a unique insight into the impact of leaders in their organisations combined with immediate and honest feedback.

In an environment where words don’t mean anything, you will understand the importance of non-verbal communication. You will then learn to lead from the place ‘where you are’ rather than from your job title.

During our programmes you will experience the power of working alongside the horses to discover leadership from a different perspective. The learning is at an astounding rate and the opportunity to explore new leadership with unfiltered feedback is endless.

Constellation Mapping

We use techniques that show an external representation of an internal experience or dilemma which offers individuals and teams the opportunity to explore an issue taking into account the whole system. This wider and deeper exploration is often the way to unlocking the hidden dynamics that can be the key to enabling individuals and teams to find pathways, solutions and opportunities which had previously been hidden.


Unlocking this will enable you to reach decisions quicker, with greater conviction and purpose allowing those that follow you to immediately support the direction you’re driving.