Connection & Engagement

Behavioural Excellence Masterclasses


Behavioural Excellence Injection – 180 minutes of learning split into two 90 minute virtual interactive, facilitated sessions with live research in between.

Emotional Intelligence for a new world

IQ – EQ what’s the difference? Emotional Intelligence has been identified as a critical ingredient to effective and inspirational leadership. In this masterclass participants will get an insight into emotional intelligence, how it can make a significant difference to their leadership impact and how they can use EQ in multiple contexts both face to face and virtual.

Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams

Leading a virtual and/or hybrid does not take need new skills. What is required is that existing skills are re-focused to take account of the different challenges that face a leader and their team. This is highly interactive, and strategies are provided for each individuals specific challenges.

Remotely motivated

Working from home either for the first time or for extended periods of time brings its own motivational challenges, whether you are a leader of part of a team. Focusing on individual and team motivation across different environments, this masterclass will provide ideas and strategies for increasing motivation both in yourself and team.

Behavioural Excellence Infusion – learning split into multiple sessions virtual interactive, facilitated sessions or hybrid virtual and face to face.

Relationship Intelligence using Core Strengths SDI2.0©

We all work with people, so relationships are key to any leaders performance and success. In Relationship Intelligence we use CoreStrengths® to give participants specific knowledge into what motivates and influences their own behaviour and the behaviour of others i.e., their core strengths. Understanding your own and others core strengths means you will have more productive relationships through greater communication flexibility.