One Day Programmes

Examples of Leadership Essentials one-day programmes:

  • Leading People Performance – Getting the best from direct reports and successfully managing performance of individuals who do not deliver. This workshop gives managers the skills to be clear about their expectations, set measurable objectives, and the confidence to reward great performance as well as tackle under performance. A mixture of knowledge and frameworks with a lot of practice, this day will set them on the path to getting the best from their direct reports.
  • Leading People Development – Growing the skills and knowledge of direct reports through effective coaching and development skills. During this workshop participants will focus on their training, development and coaching skills. They will link these to their personal business objectives and understand how growing he skills of their teams can help them achieve their business performance as well as providing succession for the future.
  • Leading Courageous Conversations – Giving feedback, sharing unwanted news…difficult conversations take courage. Courageous conversations take preparation, self-awareness, confidence and adaptability. This workshop combines some theory with a lot of practical experience and gets you well on the way to making the best of conversations, courageous or not!
  • Leading Intelligently – IQ – EQ, what’s the difference? Emotional Intelligence has been identified as a critical ingredient to effective and inspirational leadership. In this workshop participants will get an insight into emotional intelligence and how it can make a significant difference to their leadership impact. They can follow it up with a more in-depth dive into EQ on our two day Leading Intelligently masterclass.
  • Leading Relationships – We all work with people, so relationships are key to any leader’s performance and success. In Leading Relationships we use SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) to give participants a valuable insight into what motivates and influences their own behaviour and the behaviour of others. This insight leads to greater communication flexibility and the ability to understand and connect with all sorts of different people, employees and customers alike.
  • Leading Change – Being able to navigate change and lead others through it is something every leader needs to be able to do successfully In our Leading Change workshop we focus on leaders ensuring their teams come with them in times of change. We work through simple transition frameworks which help make sense of complex change situations and use practical case studies to bring this to life.
  • Leading through Others – Great foundations are essential to future leadership growth. In our Leading through Others workshop, leaders will develop their understanding and practical use of the foundation leadership skills of delegation, motivation and communication. They will work with core frameworks for each skill and have the opportunity to apply these frameworks to business case studies giving them a great foundation to build upon.

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