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We are here to create and deliver unique leadership solutions which develop behavioural excellence in leaders

Our philosophy means that we take every opportunity as a new one, creating solutions, which hit the mark, client by client and importantly still having fun along the way.

We’ve been in corporate life and understand the challenges of developing leaders in a fast-paced ever-changing world where demands are high, so our solutions are always designed to make a significant difference and deliver the results our clients want.

We work collaboratively so we really get to know you and the challenges you face, that way we can design a unique solution for you. We will match you with the best person from our team to design and deliver the solution.

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  • "I would highly recommend Sarah and Charlotte individually, but together I think they are a dynamic duo who have evolved the idea of Equine Assisted Development to come up with something that adds immeasurable value at an individual and organisational level. The combination of their experiences, personalities, and of course the horses lends this offer to be unique."

    Kate Simpson, Head of People & Development, Perrigo UK & Ireland

  • "This was a journey of self-discovery, the design of the program was innovative and fairly simple in concept but the journey of learning about yourself, the concept of trusting yourself and being authentic as a leader has unlocked potential and opportunities for me as I continue my personal journey. This was all supported by Sarah’s ability to help make the connections real and I felt that she really got us as an organization."

    Sarah Kettridge, Head of Regulatory Affairs

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