July, 26, 2022

Positivity out of adversity

Positivity out of Adversity – Leading into the future

With all unexpected events the tendency is to focus on what we are losing or what we are being forced to change, right now that is restrictions on our freedom of movement, our choice as to how we spend our leisure time and how we work together.

However, with every difficult situation and boy is this a difficult one in so many ways, comes opportunity, the chance to recalibrate, think differently, and look at how you can use this to personally learn and make the most of the differences that are emerging.

Isolation does not need to be isolating, we have technology in abundance we have just never had to use it as comprehensively as now. There is nothing that can totally replace the face to face contact, when all said and done people are social beings, however it definitely offers us the opportunity to think more creatively as to how we create and maintain connectivity in more than just a functional way.

So, if you’re working from home in isolation or just with limitations here’s some ways both professionally and personally the current situation offers you…

Step off the treadmill – look up, reflect on what and how you do things and make lasting changes for the better

Personal development – it’s always tough to find time for personal development, well here’s the perfect opportunity. Book a skype coaching programme or get some webinars under your belt, use the time to grow not diminish.

Connect with your team – connecting virtually changes the dynamic, use the time to think about how you communicate as a team and how you can use virtually meetings to explore opportunities to communicate more effectively in the future

Learn new leadership skills – remember the saying “if you do what you have always done you will get what you have always got” so here is the chance to explore what leading effectively  and remotely is like, collaborate with your direct reports to understand what they need from you and get feedback as to how you are doing. It’s all brave new territory for many so that levels the playing field and opens up the chance to get some good quality candid feedback because none will expect you have this type of leadership sussed and you will always learn new ways of leading which will stay with you into the future.

Review your strategy – we are being forced to think in the moment because of the ever changing responses to the evolving situation however you can buck the trend and look out to the horizon – how might things need to change as a result of this situation, how can you get yourself ready to hit the ground running when things begin to return to a new normal.

Create networking groups virtually – create new virtual networks of leaders, connect with people you haven’t connected with for a while because there just hasn’t been the time in the day to do so. Your view of the world will broaden, and you’ll gain insight into what other people in other industries and organisations are doing.

Organise collectives for creative problem solving with peers – bring groups of peers together virtually and share approaches and opportunities that are emerging, not only will you stay connected you may also fix an issue for the present and the future.

Build in regenerating activities– think about what you can do to maintain your energy levels, what makes you feel good and motivated, how can you make sure something is built into your day that directly lifts your energy levels?

Break old habits and think differently – although we love to think we all take a modern-day view of home working there are still many who are suspicious of it, who equate presentism to productivity. Being in an office from 9-5.30pm doesn’t mean you are effective so now is the time to bust those myths and think how do I lead my team to high levels of commitment, motivation and productivity whether they are in front of me or not?

Look at what you can do not what you can’t do – each time you think you can’t do something, as yourself this question ‘what CAN I do?’ When we feel that we are surrounded by what we can’t do we quickly spiral into a place of inertia, by asking yourself what you can do you offer yourself the chance to open up your thinking and move forward. Look for the positive, the future facing, the energy giving.

This challenging time will pass so let’s aim to find the silver lining amongst the dark clouds and all emerge as better leaders and better people as a result of the experience.

Written by: Sarah Wall Founder & Director, LeadEQ
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